Local teacher - Dr. Lucia John

Dr. Lucia John has been a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation for 32 years. She has a Ph.D. in Vedic Science from Maharishi European Research University. Dr. John is Director of the Maharishi Enlightenment Center and Maharishi Vedic Health Spa in Dominica.

Pour ceux qui pratiquent déjà la Méditation Transcendantale

RENCONTRES POUR MEDITANTS: tenues régulièrement au centre – veuillez nous contacter pour le programme complet.
VERIFICATIONS PERSONELLES: pour rafraichir votre pratique et recevoir plus de conseils concernant votre technique de MT. Ces sessions personnalisées de 30 minutes sont disponibles sur rendez-vous.
COURS DE RAFRAICHISSEMENT : Si vous voulez rafraichir votre pratique et compréhension de la Méditation Transcendantale, pourquoi ne pas assister à nouveau à un cycle d'instruction. Contactez-nous par téléphone ou courriel pour détails.

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Julian Morris - News Editor Marpin 2K4 Ltd.:

"I was introduced to Transcendental Meditation at t time of tremendous stress and pressure while working in a radio news room. Each time I felt stressed, I took a break to meditate. The result was instant relief and calm. I discovered that a calm mind facilitated greater focus and concentration and was perfect for learning, so I excelled in my studies and topped a class related to my work. I also found that because I was calm, it was easier to make public speeches."